by Mark Fiction

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released January 28, 2013


all rights reserved



Mark Fiction Lithuania

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Track Name: Electronic Eyes
What you leave before the morning
While you cross a wide static sea
Do my melodies bore you
Or lead you crawling

I never asked to draw you
What a marvellous loss
You see, my confidence ignored you
I overact my role

You isolate
Electronic eyes don't need your faith
A few more modern fails
And we will hesitate
Stick to comfort phase

Liquid medals chew my soaking coat
What else do you need from me
Plastic matter damaged my feet
Did you ever felt like this
Did you ever felt so cold
Track Name: Shopping Hour
There was a white blank page no time to waste on it
And a red spot that spreads to infinity
It holds hopeless two-legged freaks
Locked in their long long endless desire list
It is a cruel request with no details in
It is a duty to howl like an animal
Now it's a treat that I drink tonight

I'm gonna lock myself inside a quiet place
To hear more than ever been said
I'm gonna keep my way from a sensual maze
Rock kicks smoke drinks sex kids in their buggies
Your silly rules are not for me to fit
How dare you say that I am a part of it
Well, someday You'll find out what I mean

You'll lose I'll win life is a cannibal
I see you choking on words "I want it all"
There's only slow death hiding beyond a hill
And you are an innocent lamb to hit
I don't need any of those commercial deals
And all I want is a broader think
Tho sometimes I need to know that You're here

All the rules of complex orders
Seem to fit in simple models
I was lost in search for numbers
Why do fellas need the others
Track Name: Masquerade
Simple mind carefully tested
Look around millions distress it

Why to ransack in shades of colours
Much more regress is left to develop

Random numbers
Conscious decisions
Stay awake
Lay off for a minute

Cracked eggs dead birds
Seek for a limit
Of the sequence that must be convergent

Restless hart
Dreadfully tired
Friction needs
Love to admire

Fall asleep and fade within hours
"NOT SO FAST" a warning shimmers

An actual purpose
The abstract visions
The act of pretending

Black eyed surgeon will fix your condition
No one to blame
Turn off the ignition

Dark side
It always hard to envision
So where it lays
Picture solution

I think I saw it on radiovision
Well, hard to say, maybe somewhere in the middle
Track Name: Time Sense
I tried to think of you again and count till 48 at once
Like Richard did to figure out more about our time sense
And when I pushed myself to guess how soon you might come here
I stuck with you and further details seemed to disappear

You won't believe what I think
You'll never guess what I think

I've never been so eager for my consciousness retrieve again
Efforts that worked or never did could not release the chain
I can't explain how much I need you to pine for me
I'm a selfish fraud I need you here for reasons that you can't see

You won't believe what I think
You'll never guess what I think
Track Name: I Hope That You Can Run Fast
Canonical speakers are turning off
Immensity leaks through their cracked cones
I hope that you can run fast
I need you to complain while I sit by

Don't look at the stranger who sneaked your past
Remember the one I want to turn into
With no logical cause
I found something that I need to keep safe

Here is a daybed that I'll never sleep on
All my furniture leaks through the blanket
I feel a heavy wish to
Displace them back where you've left them

I've returned to the place I have never been to
Most things around look like the old ones
But I have something to part
I have something that I want to give back

Obscure routines that filled my past
Denied an answer to a code you've set and
Essential deeds that I have passed
But I hope that you can run fast

Every single book that I took in my hands
Seemed to whisper the same thing
That I need to respite
That I need an approach to consider

Between introductions and epilogues
The stories flow with a spill so
I picked the fractions of you
By small pieces consuming completely

Diffraction occurs with all kinds of waves
It's like a digression from the main line
Of evident rules
The sustainable rules

I'm back to locations where I wish to act
Tiresome scenes from the past times
But I think now I know
How not to slip on a thin ice

I'll open wide my stained glass eyes
To see the things I did not catch
If I remain stuck with the past
I hope that you can run fast
Track Name: What's On Your Back?
What is this weight you're carrying
I saw it crushing your back
You're gonna pay for your manner
For all the beauty that I missed

Can I see you now

I saw you crawling round the corners
With no intention to be found
The less you try the more look gorgeous
Apart from brilliantly stylish crowd but
Within a stunning mass disorder
I clearly see blue in the sky

Even at this time I felt tired
I have a cure for your interventions to apply
This is not worth to conceal
Track Name: Coloroids
Colourful marbles of a limestone tree
Roll down the hillside recklessly
Does anyone know how they ripen their seeds
A crystal essence of reliance

They shine in the dark when you laugh
They leave an electric arc if you move roughly
Through the magnetic field of me

I'm seeking through the landscape in front of the sea
Filled with ashes and acid
I never look back as I'm climbing downhill
Because of the reactions I rouse

You stay at the top when I drop
You simply stick to your heart if you lose the key
Of the unstable part of me
Surrounded by an artificial entirety

Reflections never stop to fade
Where've I been
You see I don't know how soon you will make me feel tough
Your tiny blouse collides with portions of me
Then spark in my lemonade until your oxygen terminates

My liquids crystallised
My future deodorised
Vacuum started to dilate
And interference to fade
Alter the after
Track Name: Perfect Song
It's my first time I try to write an insignificant song
Are you patient enough
Will you listen along
No right shapes to combine
There's no gravity here
Special words that describe this are colliding in sphere

If only I let you know what I want you to hear
But I still wonder why am I so unclear
And Perfect songs are about love or failures

There's no way to arrange my thoughts in a series
Where to meet you if I stay so close to my theories
Mobiles've melted the way we used to complain
Now you're always online and I don't need you to stay
Track Name: We Are Nothing On Our Own
Faders and buttons alter the process
We always need to control
We like to use methods packed in the bottles to make any sense at all

That's because we still know
That we are nothing on our own

Wires and plugs with secrets in boxes
We always need to win
We like to slow down and clean our ashtrays to get a fresh breath in

That's because we still know
That we are nothing on our own

Beards and haircuts shaped to perfection but we look like anyone else
We like to protest and act as hipsters surrounded by a social fence

That's because we still know
That we are nothing on our own

And we're rocking like beasts with a rush in our faces
While you dance to death in a way witch amazes us
It's not enough
We need more explosives
We still need more gain

Like beasts with a rush in our faces
While you dance to death in a way witch amazes us
It's not enough
And yet we still know we're
Nothing on our own
Track Name: About Me
You will never drop
Just because we had enough
Am I on your list that you don't understand

Weird odd thoughts you have
That all your photographs are killing you in time
Sing with us
We'll fuss
And I'll start over

I want you to help me to start over
I want you to help me to start over
I want your list to be constructive
Am I cunning

I want you help me to be your lover
The only one to ignore each other
Your attitude could be less sceptic
Do you understand

Weird odd thoughts you have
That all your logic stuff are killing you in time
Sing with us
We'll fuss
And I'll start over now

Look you overact me
This scene is incomplete
It's all by poor man's feed
Causing to pretend someone that you don't understand.

Weird odd thoughts you have
All your tragic acts are killing you in time
Act with us
We'll fuss
And I'll start over now

You eat yourself and swallow
It's an endless circle deal
You leave your past then follow
Go back to something real
It's all by weak man's needs
Causing to forget the Core Piece
Will you ever pass

You don't need to fall apart
Not much left so sing with us
Will you ever pass
Track Name: Go It Alone
Running fast by unknown shore with a thousand names to keep your mouth clean
Keeping quiet to know how to speak in a peaceful way
Learning to suffer when you're scared of knocks at the door

Where's the point to shelter
If you stay out of the cracks
You say that I should soothe now
But who started it all
We've always lived in denial
I think now it's the same
Stop melting

Leaving far away
I'll keep my fingers crossed to miss the bells ringing
Sinking without a trace
Stepping boldly through the walls of hate
Running in circles when there's nothing left to ignore

You better hold your breath now
Coz I'm not coming back
I think that was the last time
I bothered at all
We've always lived in denial
There's no one to blame
Go it alone

Ages passed to cover
The things that are out of order
We used to hide in sorrows
A million times before now
Try your best or otherwise
We have to look at angry eyes
Place your bets for better times
Happy endings seem to pass by us
Track Name: Song To Forsake
Should I stop when this beautiful audience is waiting for a break
I'm awake in a comfortable balance between hope and faith
And nothing here's fake
Just a song to forsake
And so I'm singing with an obvious lack of the measurable cause
Only you can affect me to stop before I cross the line
When it lie at my feet
When it hides in its thinness

This beautiful audience is waiting for a break
And I move in on
Losing it
Can't see the light through my shades

When you choose I pick the other side
If you count I always loose in thousands
When you run I just begin to crawl
And if you stop I pass you by without a noise

I can't explain please believe me now
I can't tell what I'm singing about

Easy take easy go
I'm out of my mind
When the principles go away
We look at who's qualified

Out of bounds
Never take the consequence

Out of bounds
The rest is always hard to test

Never wake up by twelve
Drinking to press a fuzz
That's why I can't find myself in your photographs

Talk the same way about
The things that I should have done
Place your cards
I wish that this song could be a better one

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